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Placement Testing in French, German, Spanish and Latin

German and French Placement Tests

The French and German placement tests are online tests. Each exam contains questions on grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension. The online test normally takes less than 25 minutes to complete.    

There is no advantage to receiving help from others (including grammar books, native-speaking friends for help with writing, etc.), and we expect you to receive no such help. If you are placed into a class that is harder than you can handle, you may hurt your GPA and jeopardize scholarships by earning a low grade. 

For the French placement test, your score from your first test attempt will be your final score.  Do not start the test and attempt to retake as only the score from your first attempt will recorded. 

German and French - Take the Test

Remember your password before you click! It is:

  • cougars1 (all lower case, no spaces, the last digit is the number 1)

Now, point your browser to:


  1. ID Number – You will be asked for a ID Number after you enter your name. Use your College of Charleston ID Number (CWID). This is the 8-digit student ID number that was assigned to you by the Office of Admissions. 
  2. e-mail – please use your College e-mail.
  3. It is important to click the SUBMIT button at the end of the test for your results to be submitted. Scores are automatically submitted to the College of Charleston.
  4. You will be able to view your score at the end of the test. If it is a zero, please retake the test.

In order for your advisor to prepare for your first advising meeting, you must have completed all the necessary online placement tests before you attend orientation – and you don't want to leave orientation without your schedule in hand! It is suggested that you complete the test by June 1 for summer orientation and by December 15 for January orientation.

After you complete the test, your score will be submitted to the College of Charleston. You can discuss your score and placement in the foreign language with your advisor on the second day of orientation.

For many of these tests, you will need a computer with Internet access. Choose one with the fastest possible Internet connection (Ethernet or better). If one is not available to you at home, you may access a computer at your school or public library.

Spanish Placement

You do not take a placement test. Instead, you are placed according to the number of years of high school Spanish you have taken. You can find more information about placement testing at the Department of Hispanic Studies website.

Latin Placement Test

The Latin placement test is available online through OAKS which is located in MyCharleston.  For Summer orientation, the test will be available on May 21, and for January orientation by November 15.

Students who studied Latin in high school should complete the online placement test before attending orientation. The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions testing your knowledge of Latin word forms and grammatical constructions as well as your ability to translate Latin sentences into English. The online test normally takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete. You may not use any supplemental resources to assist you with completing the Latin placement exam.

Latin - Take the Test

In order to access the test:

  1. Use a computer with a cable modem or Ethernet connection.
  2. Go to MyCharleston and log in with your permanent credentials. 
  3. Go to the OAKS icon in the top toolbar and click on it. 
  4. Look through your list of courses and click on Latin Placement Test

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