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Placement Testing in French, German, Spanish and Latin

French Placement (updated August 3, 2018)

0-1 year of high school French = placement in FREN 101

2 years of high school French = placement in FREN 102

3 years of high school French = placement in FREN 201

4 years of high school French = placement in FREN 202

5 years of high school French = placement in FREN 313 

Students wishing to place out of the language requirement must either complete 313 with a passing grade or meet with the chair for a placement test.

If you did not take the placement test before July 23, 2018, please email the department chair regarding having your placement testing score added to your student records.

The sequence for the Foreign Language tests is as follows

FREN 101 – Elementary French

followed by

FREN 102- Elementary French II

followed by

FREN 201 – Intermediate French

followed by

FREN 202- Intermediate French

If you have questions, please contact the department of French, Francophone and Italian Studies chair. 

Dr. Lisa Signori

Phone: 843.953.0872


German Placement (updated August 3, 2018)

If you have had more than one year of German and/or believe you can place higher than German 101, please contact the department chair lsited below to set up a meeting to discuss placement in a language course above the 101 level.

German Department Chair

Morgan Koerner

Phone: 843.953.1997


Spanish Placement

You do not take a placement test. Instead, you are placed according to the number of years of high school Spanish you have taken. You can find more information about placement testing at the Department of Hispanic Studies website.

Latin Placement Test

The Latin placement test is available online through OAKS which is located in MyCharleston.  For Summer orientation, the test will be available on May 21, and for January orientation by November 15.

Students who studied Latin in high school should complete the online placement test before attending orientation. The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions testing your knowledge of Latin word forms and grammatical constructions as well as your ability to translate Latin sentences into English. The online test normally takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete. You may not use any supplemental resources to assist you with completing the Latin placement exam.

Latin - Take the Test

In order to access the test:

  1. Use a computer with a cable modem or Ethernet connection.
  2. Go to MyCharleston and log in with your permanent credentials. 
  3. Go to the OAKS icon in the top toolbar and click on it. 
  4. Look through your list of courses and click on Latin Placement Test

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